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Dozens of these in the sky today.



RegularDad’s birthday dinner.

You want anything special for dinner? I asked RegularDad as he left for work this morning. Hmmmm….naaaah….. he said. And off he went. Satellites need flying no matter what day it is. So we did some math, and then we did some spelling and some grammar and such. And then we went shopping.

For a little of this….


A little of that….


And then some tea and gifts and pomegranates.

The kids, of course, kept snitching the frosting with their fingers. And I, of course, kept telling them to stop. And then RegularDad said, oh what the heck? why not?

Why not, indeed? It was just us, after all.

That cake was the smallest, least childish or feminine cake we could find, other than an odd little half-football shaped thing with a Philadelphia Eagles banner hanging from it. We also couldn’t do candles because now that I’m not smoking, I keep forgetting to lay in a supply of matches or working lighters.

(For the kids’ parties, there always seems to be a smoker or two lurking around outside to borrow a light from. And most of them have emphysema or cancer or the like, but they keep on keepin’ on. I hold my breath when I go up to them to ask to borrow some fire. But I smile too. I still get it, you know? Alas, such are the troubles of the nicotine-free.)

After dessert, my 4-year-old announced that it was time to go outside and sweep the back porch. She said this with an air of someone who is conferring a Great Prize upon us. Like it was the best party game ever. So the girls and RegularDad trooped on out and took turns with the broom. Then after they got all jazzed up on sugar and housework, it was time to come in for pj’s, milk and a Noddy video. Noddy freaks me out completely, so instead of sitting down to watch him and his freaky friends and that really freaky car, I looked briefly at the dishes and ordered them to get started washing themselves, and then went into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed for a while.

The girls are trying to sleep now. But it’s hot, and they’ve had cake, and we’re all still a bit congested. My 4-year-old has already had one bout of tears and a dreadfully sore arm and leg that are now covered with cool cloths. It may prove to be a long night. It’s about time for me to go look and see if the dishes are done washing themselves yet. Then I’ll collapse on the couch for a while and find some Law & Order reruns to stare at.

Happy birthday, RegularDad. And hey, don’t forget. You’re older than me.

Happy Birthday, RegularDad!

It’s RegularDad’s birthday today. We’ll be celebrating quietly at home with good seafood, a salad, some cake and a few gifts.

The girls have already drawn numerous pictures for RegularDad, and my 7-year-old composed the following poem on the fly first thing this morning:

Happy birthday, Dad.
I love you so much.
You’re my kind of Dad
and that makes me glad.

Not bad for before 8:00 am. And for having a mother who’s getting over a minor (yet irritatingly lingering) cold who only got about 4 hours of sleep last night because her 4-year-old was up constantly.

And for my next trick, I will now attempt to cheerily take my kids to Target and then to the supermarket to pick up items required for tonight’s celebration. Not only will I accomplish this feat, I will do so happily, toting a pre-written list of required items. And without dozing off at the seafood counter. And I will let my kids take their time looking at the live lobsters. And I will remember that we need blank CD’s and new magnifying glasses.

Wish me luck people.

I’ll post a party update later tonight.

Well, this hardly seems fair.

A mere two days after the BOOMING sounds went away, I’ve come down with a bit of a cold. Not a really bad one. Just enough to make me feel like not doing anything. And then to feel guilty for not doing anything because I’m not THAT sick, ya know?

Oh well.

It could be worse.

And no one dared disturb the sounds of silence.

It was a quiet day in more ways than one. The worst of this bout of tinnitis has finally passed. Thanks again for all the good wishes.


And when I say housekeeping! I’d like you to think of that scene in Tommy Boy when David Spade kept saying housekeeping! in that screechy way until Chris Farley finally opened the hotel room door wearing that very strange pair of underwear. Yeah. Like that. So…


I’ve made a change over on the sidebar over there. I’ve added a new feature called RegularDad’s Click of the Day. Today’s click is: and you should definitely click on that, because it’s pretty damn funny. (And Shawna, I should confess that I did think about your mom pretty much right away on this one. Sorry about that, hon.)

If this click of the day thing works right, I’ll update it daily (well, in the evenings, really) and you’ll all get to see the stuff that RegularDad regularly finds on the Internet. He does find some incredibly funny stuff, and I figure it’s only fair that I share. That way, you’ll be laughing at the same things that we’re laughing at, and it will almost be like we’re hanging out having (decaf) lattes or something.

The other interesting bit of news is that I have purchased a new domain name: You can now type that into your browser and end up here. Or you can type in the same old wordpress address. Both will work just fine. In a few more days, I’ll make a slight change in my dashboard that makes my new domain name the primary way to get here. But you’ll always be able to use the old wordpress address to get here too. So, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties. You shouldn’t, in fact, notice a change at all. I think. But then again, the whole thing could blow up right in my face. What do I know?

Many thanks to everyone for the well wishes during the horribly LOUD days. I’ve had one small bout of BOOMING sounds this evening, but then I turned on some country music and washed the dishes and the BOOMING went away. With luck, I’m on the other side of it now, and posts will resume a more regular schedule.

Have a great weekend. And come back for more RegularDad Clicks.

Just call me the Grinch.

And then, oh the noise. Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise! That’s one thing he just couldn’t stand — the NOISE, NOISE NOISE, NOISE!- How the Grinch Stole Christmas

 Yeah, I can relate.

I suffer from tinnitus, a medical condition in which I constantly hear background noise that isn’t really there. Most of the time, it’s a faint high-pitched hum that I can easily tune out and move normally through my day.

But sometimes.

Oh…sometimes…in addition to the hum, I also hear this horrible horrible HORRIBLE BOOMING sound. Like someone plugged a stethoscope into my ears and hooked it up to one of RegularDad’s amplifiers and I’m listening to my heartbeat amplified about three thousand times louder than it would normally be in a regular stethoscope. Or like I actually did go to the Dream Theater concert and decided it would be fun to sit right next to Portnoy’s bass drum and listen to the BOOM for hours and hours.

I’ve read a lot about tinnitus on the Internet and apparently, the BOOMING sound isn’t as common as other sounds, but it does occur. And let me tell you, friends, it’s a nightmare beyond all imagining. The good news is, the BOOMING sound doesn’t happen all the time. I’ll go months without it and practically forget all about it, and then suddenly, it’ll show up again. Usually when I’m over-tired. Like this week. It showed up again this week. Most of the day, I’m fine, but by mid-afternoon, the BOOMING starts, and I’m pretty much done in. Useless. Unable to think. Or talk. Or smile. And during dinner, the normal sounds of children chattering and clinking silverware on dishes becomes an exercise in torture.

Two nights ago, I broke down and cried because it was SO FUCKING LOUD and I couldn’t make it stop.

So this week it’s been morning and early afternoons free from booming. Then by dinner, the BOOMING kicks in and by tuck-in time I can barely hear anything and then I’m wandering around trying anything I can think of to distract my brain from the noise — oh the NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE! — anything: reading, knitting, TV, shopping, decaf lattes, dishes, soft music. Anything. Please God, anything. Sometimes crunching on chips seems to work, so I’ve been crunching on chips. And then I  eventually go to bed, listening to the BOOMING, and wake up the next morning, and the BOOMING is still there, but much quieter. And by the time breakfast is over, the BOOMING is gone, but the absence of it is so strange that I’m focused on the high-pitched hum much more so than usual. And then we get started with school work, and I forget all about the noises until just before dinner when they start back up again.

I’m seeing a doctor next week for a check up, and I think this time I’ll actually remember to ask him about this. Although, from what I’ve read, there’s really no cure. You just have to watch your caffeine, your nicotine (no longer a problem, and wasn’t I pissed when just quitting the smokes didn’t make the tinnitus stop!), your stress levels, you diet, all that shit.

Anyway. The reason I’m telling you all this, is because writing posts is enormously difficult during the BOOMING evenings. Hence my lack of posts lately.

Right now, the BOOMING has stopped. It’s only 7:00 pm. But it’s gone. Of course, it started earlier than usual this afternoon, but then I got all involved making a craft, and by the time I was done, I realized the BOOMING had gone. So maybe that’s the cure. Doing crafts. Like I have time for that?

Well…enough whining from me. I really am okay. Just wanted to wave hello from the nightmarish land of EXCRUCIATINGLY LOUD BOOMING NOISES and tell you I’ll write more just as soon as it stops again.

I also wanted to say, that maybe the Grinch actually suffered from tinnitus. It would explain a great deal. Because I can attest to feeling rather Grinchy during the LOUD HOURS. Poor little Grinch.

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