What teachers make.

We homeschoolers like to talk a lot of trash about the public school system, and what’s wrong with it, and how the kids aren’t faring so well there anymore. And it’s good to talk about it. Good to get these things out into the open. Secrets tend to fester. Then they kill you. Slowly and with great pain and gangrene.

But I’d like to take a few moments here to recognize that in the faulty system we call public education, rife with meaningless doublespeak and ridiculous testing measures and (in my own humble opinion) WAY TOO MANY PHARMACEUTICALS, not to mention some seriously maladjusted and dangerous teachers, there is still a large, quiet contingent of Excellent Teachers who do their job well in spite of every insane obstacle that crosses their path.

It would be wrong of me to pretend that they don’t exist. Because they do. And they deserve a hell of a lot more respect than I do. After all, I teach in some of the most optimal conditions ever, having only two students, and an “administration” that does whatever I want. No one is dictating to me what to teach, and when and how, and I don’t have to concern myself with worries about bodily harm or what that irate parent wants from me THIS time.

For every harmful teacher we read about in the news, there are surely at least a dozen of good teachers, and probably one completely anonymous equivalent of Marva Collins or John Taylor Gatto as well.

So, having said all that, I’d like you to view this:

and remember those teachers you had that pushed you just a little further. Who saw through your fears, and your bullshit, and made you better than you were the day before. And raise a toast to them and send a little thanks out into the universe, and maybe a little prayer that there would be MORE of them in the days to come.

Because the schools could use some more of the good teachers.

And many thanks to Katherine over at Our Report Card, who posted this video a few days ago and really reminded me of things I needed to be reminded of.

She’s cool like that.


3 Responses to “What teachers make.”

  1. 1 Maria June 5, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    I saw this over at Katherines blog and really enjoyed it! I wanted to post it also, but never got around to it…perhaps all homeschoolers should post it on their blogs as a little reminder that while homeschooling RULES there ARE some P.S. teachers that RULE, too!

    Great post!

  2. 2 Mom #1 June 7, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    That video is awesome, amazing and like you said, in most cases, true. I may have to use it on my blog as well.

    I’d better skip on over to Katherine’s and she what she’s been up to . . . all that goodness needn’t go to waste.

  3. 3 Urban Mom June 8, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    Urban Dad is a high school teacher in the Chicago system. And he totally rocks! (really, no bias on my part…really…) His students even have a Facebook page devoted to him. But having done a stint in the system and continuing to hear U-Dad’s stories from the front lines, I’m glad we decided to homeschool. I’ve seen Taylor Mali before and really like him. Great post!

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