Leaving the nest.

Top left: Mama cardinal keeping a close eye on her little ones who’ve made their way out of the nest.

Top right: Papa cardinal, looking on and looking good.

Bottom left: Baby cardinal, hanging on.

Bottom right: Mama cardinal, showing him how it’s done.

That’s pretty much been the scene in my backyard today. The cat has been yowling all damn day. And there’s this suspicious-looking pile of very small, delicate gray feathers over near the swingset. And she hasn’t really been all that interested in the dry kibble I always leave out for her. But she did chow down on the Fancy Feast I finally set down for her her. So, maybe all the birds made it.


From www.wild-bird-watching.com:

The female [cardinal] builds the nest while the male keeps a close eye on her and the surrounding territory for predators and other males. The female will be the only one incubating the eggs.

 The male’s duty during this time is to feed her on the nest and protect their territory from intruders.

Once the young hatch, both will feed them. Two broods each season are attempted. The nest is made up of twigs, bark strips, vines leaves, rootlets, paper, and lined with vines, grass and hair.

You can find the nest placed in dense shrubbery or among branches of small trees. Generally 1-15 feet above ground.

Laying 2-5 eggs that are buff-white with dark marks. The female incubates the eggs for 12- 13 days and the young leave the nest in 9-11 days after hatching.



1 Response to “Leaving the nest.”

  1. 1 Maria July 12, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    Oh, these are simply beautiful…love the “in flight” one the best!

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