Driving down the shore, (or, why we’re MFEO), part 2.

We’re rolling along a NJ county road caught behind a loooong line of cars. We’re doing exactly 5 miles under the speed limit because the car way at the front of the line is being piloted by the World’s Most Cautious Driver EVER. We’ve got about 17 more miles to go before we can exit this road, and it doesn’t look like that cautious dude up front is planning on pulling over any time soon. In the back of the van, the girls have started on what I believe is about the 92nd verse of “The Poopy Song.” Did you know that the 92nd verse is the same as the first? Do I have to tell you that all other previous verses were also hauntingly familiar to that infamous first verse?

I glance over at RegularDad and see his shoulders squared, his jaw set. He breathes a little teeny sigh and keeps on staring at the line of cars ahead of us.

Me: I read recently, on some message board or other, that if you pray for patience, you don’t just suddenly get this Whopping Butt-Load Of Patience.  What you get instead, is opportunity after opportunity after oppotunity to Practice Being Patient.

Behind us, the girls are belting out yet another verse of the ever-popular Poopy Song. The crawl of cars in front of us slows down even more.

Me: You…haven’t been praying for patience recently, have you?

RegularDad: Huh-uh. Not me. No way…. Have you?

Me: Nope. Me neither.


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