Thawing out.

We managed to get through the blizzard with only a half day interruption in our phone and Internet service. But we never lost our heat or our electricity, so I really have no complaints. I’d rather sweat out 12 hours of email-withdrawl than deal with serious power outtages.

Anyway… the sun was out this morning, and the cardinals that live in the big pine tree were flitting around before I’d finished my coffee. This is what it looked like outside my bedroom window:

After I’d had my coffee, I got everyone dressed and fed, and announced that we’d be taking another day off of school because I had more shoveling to do. And also because I’ve got a cold right now, and that on top of all this snow makes me think this is a good time to not do math.

HOMESCHOOLING SIDE NOTE: One of the most common questions we get as homeschoolers, particularly after a snowstorm, is if we take snow days or not. (This question is often following with a knowing look and an irritating chuckle, as if to say: ha! gotcha on THAT ONE, don’t I? Your poor kids will never know the joys of having a SNOW DAY.)

The answer is, quite simply, not usually. We prefer to save up our “snow days” and use them up on those first really great spring days. We call them “Nice Days”. So, while most kids are stuck in school staring out the windows in May, when spring really starts rolling in, and they’re wishing they could take the day off because it’s SOOOOOOO NICE OUT… guess where we are: At the lake. Or at the park. With Subway sandwiches. And no homework waiting for us when we leave.

However… when we get a big giant blizzard… a snowstorm that’s actually IMPRESSIVE, and that storm falls in the same week in which Mom Has A Cold… well, then… yeah… we take a snow day. Or two. Or three.

The point I’m trying to make here is twofold, actually: 1. We take days off whenever we want to. And 2. That snow-day question is actually kind of annoying, and does not make you sound nearly as witty as you think. So you should stop asking it.

Anyway…where was I? Oh yes… Thawing out. So, I went out after a while and shoveled the half-inch of snow that fell after RegularDad finished shoveling last night. I also found the mailbox:

which is always a good thing. I brushed a foot of snow off of it and dropped the mortgage payment in there. Hopefully, a mail carrier will come along at some point and pick it up. Shoveling the last of the snow off the driveway wasn’t too bad, and now our house looks like this:

and my arms are kinda sore.

RegularDad came home from work early so that he could play in the snow with the kids. I went out there with them for a few minutes to take pictures, but the wind drove me back in pretty quickly. It’s cold. And I have a cold. So, no snowball fights for me. But they were out there all afternoon, having a blast.

 Of course, not everyone loves all this snow. These guys, for example:

These guys aren’t all that impressed with the white stuff outside. Not in the slightest. In fact, they’ve made it clear that they really don’t want anything at all to do with snow. The only good thing about it, they’d say, is the way it chills everything just enough that the heat kicks on more often and the humans keep leaving fleece blankets all over the place.

Yeah, these guys are all: wake me when it’s May.

I so totally get that.


6 Responses to “Thawing out.”

  1. 1 Rustys Mom February 12, 2010 at 1:17 am

    If I have to answer the snow day question one more time I am going to SCREAM. E

  2. 2 RegularMom February 12, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Me too, E.

    Hey, everyone, are half the pictures in this post missing? One of my computers shows them all, but the other doesn’t. Let me know, so I’ll know if I need to fix it. Thanks. 🙂

  3. 3 Rustys Mom February 12, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    I thought it was my computer. Yes half of them are missing. E

  4. 4 RegularMom February 12, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Okay. I fixed it. Sort of. I didn’t want the big images to appear in the gallery section, but oh well. Looks like they’ll have to be there if I want them in the post at all.


  5. 5 AztecQueen2000 February 14, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Here in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg gives snow days about once every 3-4 years. So, no, I don’t really get the “snow days” question. Besides, my kids were the only ones outside.

  6. 6 Mommylion February 15, 2010 at 12:05 am

    I’d rather take sunshine days than snow days!

    I love, love, love the pictures of your puppy in the snow with ears flying back, snow in mouth, just having a blast with the kids. The exuberance of kids and dogs playing in the snow help me appreciate the stuff a lot more. To be honest, I’d just hibernate through winter if I had a choice, so I am glad for any inspiration I can get.

    Enjoy your ‘not’ snow days!

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