The Six Million Dollar Post

Conversation before turning out the light:

RegularDad: Ya know what I’ve always wondered? How’d they decide on six million dollars? Like: why not the Four Million Dollar Man, or the Ten Million Dollar Man? Why six?

Me: I dunno. I guess it seemed like a lot of money back then.

RegularDad: Yeah, I guess. And you know what else bugs me?

Me: What?

RegularDad: They rebuilt his legs with bionics. And his arm. And his eye. So he could jump from the top of a ten story building and land without breaking his legs, right? But imagine the spinal compression factor. A jump like that would have compressed his non-bionic spine and just paralyzed him right there. It’d be like: ded-ded-ded-ded-ded-ded-ded-ded-CRUNCH!

Me, laughing: Uh-huh.

RegularDad: And imagine this: he picks up a car with his bionic arm… but the connective tissue in his shoulder isn’t bionic, so wouldn’t the arm just rip right off him and be stuck to the car he just tried to lift?

Me: I guess so. You’d think they’d have budgeted for those kind of issues.

RegularDad: Yeah, but they only had six million dollars, and I guess the money they could have spent on that went to providing the sound effect of when he was looking through his bionic eye, so there you have it.  What a waste. Who needs to listen to THAT all day long? So, again, why not seven million dollars?

Me: I wonder what that would amount to in today’s economy, factoring in inflation? It’d be something like the 97 Trillion Dollar Man! And we’d pay to watch it, too.

RegularDad: Yeah, today the Six Million Dollar Man would be some dude with knee problems and an HMO.


This post will only make sense to people over a certain age, I suppose. People who were watching network television in the 1970’s will totally understand this. People who are significantly younger will probably not. It’s only fitting, perhaps, that the Beloit Mindset List has been released for the class of 2014. I’ve always loved these lists. They’re my way at looking at aging while keeping a big smile on my face.

For those who want to know what my post is talking about, and for those who just want to see it again, here ya go:



5 Responses to “The Six Million Dollar Post”

  1. 3 Mom #1 August 18, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    LOL. You know, I’ve always wondered the same thing. I think I’d get along pretty good with RegularDad.

    Oh yes, I’m that old.

  2. 4 Karisma August 20, 2010 at 8:37 am

    LOl! Now I just feel old! Thanks

  3. 5 hornblower August 26, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Poor six million dollar man! Another victim of inflation!

    I must say I prefereed Bionic Woman though. 🙂

    I learned English from these shows, btw.

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