I said to them: Look if the world ends this weekend, I promise we won’t do ANY school work next week.

So, Wednesday morning, we were driving to theater class and ended up behind this large while SUV with a giant yellow canvas tarp covering the rear windshield that said: JUDGEMENT DAY!!! MAY 21, 2011!!!

I started laughing and the girls were all: What’s so funny? So I had to explain to them about how at least once every few years, someone gets it into their head that the END OF THE WORLD is coming, and they blow all their life savings trumpeting this information to the general population. I then assured them that the world was definitely NOT ending and that everything was fine.

We were running late for theater class, and stuck behind this WACKO in his rapturous SUV until he finally pulled into a gas station. I wanted to yell out at him: Don’t waste your money fillin’ up, Dude! You’ve only got a few more days.

But instead I drove on and we arrived at theater class not long after.

“You’re about 10 minutes late,” I said to the girls as I opened the van doors to let them out.

And, all of us, together, suddenly yelled: “Oh well. It’s not like it’s THE END OF THE WORLD OR ANYTHING!”

Then we laughed like loons all the way in to class. It felt good to be laughing with them like that, like sort of a precursor of the way I hope we’re all still laughing together when they’re all grown up.

So, today’s the DAY! We’ve had some playdates and some more theater rehearsal. My 10-year-old is playing the Count of Monte Cristo, and she spent the early part of the day practicing her sword fight scenes with a bunch of the other actors down at the director’s house. My 8-year-old had a friend over. Then later on, we all got ice cream.

If you haven’t had any ice cream yet today, you should go get some. Just in case. Also, if you’re at all interested, it turns out NORAD is tracking the rapture! You can read all about it here:


Here’s a quote:

Clearly… the Rapture will move speedily through Europe, especially because the Catholics are not going, but slow down massively when it hits the East Coast of the USA, slowing almost to a crawl when it hits Tulsa, but then speeding considerably as it mops up California.

Travel arrangements have been made to accommodate the Southern Baptists, staging posts might be required.

Very exciting, indeed! And hey there Tulsa! You ROCK!

So far, the end of the world is totally awsome here. Hope it’s going great for you too. 😉


2 Responses to “I said to them: Look if the world ends this weekend, I promise we won’t do ANY school work next week.”

  1. 1 Val May 23, 2011 at 8:19 am

    LOL! It was a nice day, actually. love you, Val

  2. 2 Mom #1 May 27, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    You’re freaking hilarious. I’m glad you’re blogging again.

    But no pressure.

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