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Another award, and this one I didn’t even have to make up all by myself. Sweet!

Check it out, you guys. Amy at the Foil Hat handed me one of these:

reflection-awd.jpg><br>  I assume that this award means that people come here and read the things I write and they really sit and reflect on them afterwards. For days. I know I do. Especially my recent post on Crunch Berries, which is the deciding post that made Amy pick me.</p>  <p>And I gotta tell you, RegularDad and I were just giggling up a storm on the living room couch that night while I typed up that discussion that we had just had. Yes, it's true. We really did have that conversation. I edited out a lot of the repititous stuff like the several times that I said 

I think it’s because people come here and read my posts and get all reflective. Or maybe it’s because I’m reflective. And not just because I painted my toenails with that reflective paint they use on road signs last week on a Mom’s Night Out Triple Dog Dare Gone Horribly Wrong.

Amy mentioned my recent post on Crunch Berries as the deciding factor for choosing me for this award. Over here in my corner of the blogosphere, it doesn’t get more reflective than that.

RegularDad and I were really giggling like mad the night I typed out that particular conversation and posted it. And yes, it’s true. That conversation actually did happen. And we weren’t even stoned when it took place.

What’s funny about those kinds of posts, is that after you post them, you find yourself CHECKING YOUR STATS constantly to see if anyone will comment, and what they’ll say. Because people will either laugh with you and finally admit that they’ve got a box of junk cereal in the pantry right now, or they’ll ignore you and your horrific dietary habits. It was a stressful afternoon. And a special thanks to andie over at andthemama for breaking the ice (not to mention stabbing the roof of her mouth) with her Cookie Crisp Confession.

And it’s not even about the cereal, in the end. What you’re checking for is: do they think it’s funny? do they get it? or am I the only one who thinks like this? maybe I am crazy. Getting comments on strange posts is a reassuring sanity check. And not just for me, either.

RegularDad actually said to me not five minutes before I checked my blog and found this award waiting for me: gee, you didn’t get a lot of comments on the Crunch Berries. And he sounded a little disappointed.

So I was glad to be able to tell him just five minutes later…hey look, the Crunch Berries won this award. In other words: take heart, dear. We’re not the only crazies out there. And watch out for that Cookie Crisp.

So, I’m glad it was that post that brought me this award, because it shows me that maybe there are lots of people out there who ponder the Crunch Berries. Let’s face it, the Crunch Berries are worth a moment or two of your pondering career. And after you’re done pondering the Crunch Berries, if you find yourself with nothing to ponder and you feel lost and bereft thereof, you can always fall back on the question: why is it that breakfast cereals need websites at all?

Because that question keeps me up at night. It’s the reason for all that damned insomnia. And if you can figure it out, please do let me know. Because I’m really ready for a full night’s sleep.

Thanks again to Amy at the Foil Hat. Check out her blog and her soap, if you haven’t seen them yet.

I’m gonna pass this award on now to 5 bloggers who make me reflect. These are good blogs. You should read them. These women at these blogs make me think and laugh and not feel so crazy at the end of the day.

Our Report Card, and the mama, the Learning Umbrella, Land of our Fourmother, and Not a Stepford Wife.

And thanks to Ami for letting me know these links were screwed up. They should be fixed now.


What the makers of Sominex and Tylenol PM don’t want you to know.


Twenty minutes or so after this little snack of 6 oreos and a CAFFEINATED cup of coffee, I collapsed into a sugar-induced coma power-nap that lasted about 15 minutes. I awoke (with only a slight headache) refreshed and ready to start making dinner for my family.

Now, I’m not saying that it would definitely happen every day. It might have just been a fluke brought on by the stress of having NO WATER FOR 2 DAYS (see Roughing It, and Roughing It, Part 2 below) and the fact that I averaged maybe 4 hours of sleep per night this week. But I am saying that I think it’s worth FURTHER STUDY. I think at least a two-week trial is in order. Anyone want to join me?

All in the name of science, of course.

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